Implementing an Effective digital Marketing Strategy for Realtors

Real Estate is one domain which is the most dynamic and competitive and most real estate agencies and houses rally up against each other to stand out and fetch the maximum leads for their businesses to grow.
While in the older times word of mouth, newspaper adverts and flyers did the trick, today the agents are mushrooming at an ever fast rate and there is so much to offer by the hands of every brand that it gets difficult to keep yourself going until you have a faster and more effective way to propagate your brand.

 Content-driven digital marketing today is the next big thing. People are moving towards technology and navigating the territory of the internet world to market their services. Same applies to real estate. We’ve moved from landlines and letters to smartphones and social media. This has led to a revolution in the marketing and advertisement industry. With most of the population spending most of their day on the internet, the only way to catch their attention is Digital Marketing.

We see new things on social media every day. Even real estate agencies now have their own well-structured websites and social media handles. You can even take virtual tours of a house online with 3600 views right from your smartphone. And with newsfeeds popping up with interesting content every day, a content-driven digital marketing approach will help you create more prospects for your business. But it all needs to be done very tactfully. The internet is a world of limitless possibilities and tapping into these will just help your business grow.

But with real estate houses mushrooming and using newer and quirkier ways to advertise themselves, navigating territory is difficult indeed. I will bring to you a smart guide to tap into the world of internet, full of new possibilities using a systematic approach. Digital marketing is not rocket science. All you need to do is have the right approach and streamline your strategies to fit into the best interests of the brand.

This is a five-step process:


1) Determining your Target Audience

2) Creating a fetching Visual Identity

3) Generate Traffic using Content Marketing and Paid Ads

4) Intensify the possibilities using automated funnel marketing

5) Review your results closely and keep optimizing your approach


Determining your Target Audience

You need to understand the relationship between what you offer and who needs it the most. When you choose your target group early, you get quicker results and also create a reliable and long lasting client base that helps take your brand to newer heights. With the cost of buying real estate, you need to narrow your target audience to those who can afford it, then to those who need it. This would save you time, energy and resources.


Creating a fetching Visual Identity

Your digital marketing strategy has to be captivating. You need to first have a visually stimulating company logo along with an interactive interface for your website to generate maximum traffic on your website. Keep in mind that this approach incorporates the needs and preferences of your target audience well.

Your homepage needs to be crisp, with a clear navigation of the menu, banners, charts, listings, testimonials and also incorporate videos for the same. An updated and appealing About Us page, with service listings, search optimization and functionality, and a live chat option works  best for effective Digital Marketing.

Your website and social media handles/pages must be able to keep the busiest person glued to it. The magnetic effect must be felt in under 4 seconds else you will most likely lose the lead.

Generate Traffic with Content Marketing and Paid Ads

With most businesses using websites as yardsticks to measure their popularity what becomes vital is traffic. Whether organic or paid, the strategies for advertising and traffic generation need to be systematic and flawless.

You could use classifieds and business listings along with property search portals for generating traffic and list them to link with the same.

You could also use eBooks, Case Studies that highlight the efforts you have made and the strategy you have applied to help your customers find the property of their liking. You could also launch eBooks and tutorials sponsored by your brand to help clients choose the ideal property and can even play around on other topics.

Email listings and marketing is an even better option since 90% of smartphone users check their mail alerts even today. A biweekly routine to reach out to your clientele with targeted email listings is a good way to go about it but don’t be spammy.

Having an active social media handle on social media and microblogging sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and using channels on Youtube to advertise a product will generate the necessary buzz around your business helping accentuate your digital marketing strategy.

You could use sponsored ads on Facebook   and Instagram   and even avail services of Google Adwords for the same purpose. In the initial stages, you will need to rely on paid traffic before organic and viral traffic starts flowing in. You can read my previous post on Handling Digital Marketing here


Intensify the possibilities using automated funnel marketing

After receiving the desired traffic through organic and paid ads, you need to now engage your clients and contact those more using free eBooks, case studies and get your hands on their contact details. After this, you need to start what we call a funnel marketing system. In a 3 or 5 day interval, send in emails about your brand and keep doing this in increments to create awareness about your products and services. This will help nurture them from cold leads to warm leads and they will soon end up as your clients. You need to do this gradually to incorporate them ultimately into your CRM system. Industry certified tools such as drip, Marketo, HubSpot, InfusionSoft could be used to close your deals and help you reach your targets quicker.

Review your results closely and keep optimizing your approach

After following the above strategies you need to keep your fingers crossed but you can’t just leave it at that. This is the time to actually review your strategy and find out if it’s working. This phase invites review and evaluation to see what you can do to further multiply your reve

nues and see why your strategy didn’t reach more people. Google has provided us with the perfect toolkit to analyze your Digital Marketing strategy including services like Google Analytics, Google Optimize  , and Google Tag Manager. This will help you optimize your results and help you technically lock down more traffic and leads.

You need to follow the above strategies to get your business kicking. Walk on this path and you surely will be able to see unprecedented growth in your real estate agency! Or simply hire me to do all the above dirt work so your hands can stay clean to count the money.


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