Best way of Increasing donations and access to funding for Non-profit Organizations using Digital Marketing

7 Best ways to Increase donations and access to funding for Non-profit Organizations by using Digital Marketing

Non-profit organizations are entities lawfully constituted, non-legislative substances fused under the law as altruistic or not-revenue driven enterprises that have been set up to fill some open needs. It benefits everybody on the off chance that we can cooperate to better ourselves and enhance our normal assets. A comprehension of how non-profit organizations are organized and how they work is vital keeping in mind the end goal to encourage powerful associations and participation in the community and also support many privately driven aid activities.

Why nonprofit organizations are important for human services

The portability of non-administrative organizations reflects the group’s ability to react quickly to its needs. NGOs direct to the group/community the assets/resources that the administration does not have or cannot gather. Additionally, the lines of activities investigation of nongovernmental organizations might be important for the issues illuminated by general societal organizations. The NGOs assume a critical part in featuring issues that may pass unnoticed by general society specialists and are helping them to take care of issues by utilizing their resources

Why digital marketing is a great platform to raise donations for Non-profit Organizations

Digital Marketing is a critical piece of computerized promoting. It is likewise called online advertising through which organization can convey the message about the items or administrations. Web-based advertising gives the substance and promotions that best matches to donor interests. NGOs put their cause, target, efforts and administration style on their site and social media platforms with the goal that donors or sponsors are attracted and a kept abreast with the workings of the organization. NGOs should put more viable and important content online to help entice the right donors and sponsors. Digital marketing will cost just a fraction of traditional marketing so more needed funds can be redirected to helping people in need. Also, the ability of digital marketing to provide laser targeting can ensure the message gets to the right ear.

Here I have mention some great platform through which you can raise funds for nonprofit organizations using digital marketing

By using different Platforms

Some of the most capable advanced advertising stages for non-profits are YouTube, Google, Facebook and Twitter. It results in the collection of incredible amounts of money for all type of Non-profit Organizations. Those platforms allow any non-profit to rapidly and effortlessly transmit information. The most intense non-profit information are videos that recount stories of the general population and their families as well as the ongoing work of the NGO.

By using social media

Numerous Non-profit organizations are utilizing various web-based social networking platforms to raise funds and recruit volunteers. When it comes to fund-raising, individuals are as yet giving more offline than on the web. It enables nonprofits to proceed with associations with current supporters and create awareness among the individuals who may not know about the organization. By using social media platforms every single day to associate with constituents bringing issues to light for causes, and collecting donations more can be done by the NGO.

By using Facebook

To associate with a bigger gathering of people non-profits must use Facebook. Facebook is a capable apparatus for non-profits to associate with potential contributors and volunteers. Facebook has a global population of about 2 billion that is about 28% of the world is on Facebook. By tapping into this community an organization is bound to achieve its goals both in terms of monetary funding and volunteering. The first step to breaking into the Facebook community is a compelling page and interactive group, these I can help set up at no cost for any NGO simply contact me. If you have these already I can help you optimize them for improved reach and results all at no cost.

By using Twitter

Twitter is a powerful apparatus for non-profits to gain followers create awareness and raise funds from contributors. Twitter gives free Twitter Advertising and confirmed record status to qualified non-profit which helps numerous Non-profit Organizations to increase the gigantic measure of adherents and cash.

by using LinkedIn

Being a professional social network LinkedIn is the best place for NGO administrators to meet acquaintances and foster greater cooperation with people of like minds and people interested in the cause of their organization. Also, LinkedIn can be used to showcase the organization to a more narrow audience. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t know how to fully rip the benefits of LinkedIn however, I am willing to help any organization optimize their presence and the presence of their personnel on LinkedIn and any other online platform or media. Just contact me for a free consultation

BY using blogs

In the event that we truly need to increase the funds for your nonprofit, we have to grab the attention of an ever-increasing number of individuals. There are many advantages of creating a blog to help your web-based fundraising support battle with challenges such as search engine display and reach. Blogs ensure your website remains dynamic with fresh content, fresh content drives new and returning traffic.

By Google Grants

How about getting $10,000 every month for your NGO from google? The money is however in advert credit. Online advertising has turned out to be an awesome advanced promoting open door for nonprofits. On one hand, it impacts a potential contributor’s choice to give to a particular nonprofit organization. Then again it drives both on the web and disconnected donations. On account of this, Google Grants is an awesome choice for nonprofits to profoundly expand the measure of impressions effortlessly.

By posting Digital Ads

By posting digital advertisements on various sites YouTube, Facebook and Twitter give organizations the capacity to target tremendous gathering of people. Organizations can create a blog and can post information about their organization about what they do and what their main motive is to gain the attention of a huge crowd.

By Compelling Images

It is an extremely viable and engaging method for exhibiting information to convey your message in one straightforward picture. Extraordinary images will likewise enamor the consideration of your potential givers and persuade them to make a move.


This is the home of videos and the second largest search engine in the world. This is a great source of donors as videos of your campaigns and activities would be viewed by millions of people.

Online Donation Platforms

After implementing all these above, if your donors and sponsors don’t have a platform to donate to you right from their smartphones and computers then your efforts would be wasted. Most NGOs also make the mistake of doing intense and expensive campaigns online for donations and end up making barely enough to break even from advert and logistics costs. They repeat this every time with the same result. My recommendation is for them to do the campaigns but instead of asking for one-off donations ask for recurring donations for example instead of asking for a $5 donation why not as for $1 per week/month donations. I can also help you set up your donation platforms for recurring donations simply contact me.


NGOs assume a noteworthy part in distinguishing social issues, in discovering arrangements, and even in accomplishing social destinations in an assortment of regions that open organizations cannot cover proficiently. We must all adopt at least one NGO and support them with all we can to help our society instead of relying on government for everything. My support to NGOs is I never charge them for any of my services.


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